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A beautiful red roof

A perfect roof-house color match

Another great roof job on a colonial

A beautiful roof on a colonial

What a beautiful roof

Another great roof installation

We are here to serve you when you have a roofing problem or just have a question about roofing or guttering.


Spring 2022 is around the corner. So, if you are in need of a roof replacement, do not wait untilSpring. Contact us, now, for a free quote based on today's material prices; not next year's prices,which our supplier says will probably be higher because of inflation.

REMEMBER, our prices for all roofing installations are quoted at our cost - No compromises. You will get the same high quality CertainTeed Integrety Roof System that we always install, including the 50 year manufacturer's warranty on the shingles and our 3 year workmanship warranty.

Take advantage of this money saving opportunity before the inevitable material price increase(s).


Route 11 Roofing Co, LLC is a locally owned, licensed, and insured roofing contractor providing professional residential roofs & repairs throughout the entire Northern Shenandoah Valley area.

With our home offfice, near Middletown & our Winchester branch office, we are convenientlylocated to easily serve Frederick, Clarke, Warren & Shenandoah Counties, as well as, adjacentparts of Hampton and Jefferson Counties of West Virginia.

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Storm Chasers: Cheap Bids & Junk Roofs


Most likely,"Storm Chasers" have invaded your neighborhood in the past. Please, be alert. Don't fall for their story and become a victim.

They are those people who knock on your door, tell you that you need a roof and quote an abnormally low price. Many of them don't have the required licensesand insurance to legally install roofs, here. Another factor is that these companieswon't be a local roofing company, which means that they won't be available to service your roof and honor any "warranties".

Here is how they work. They will ask you to give them full control of yourhome owners insurance claim and tell you thatthey will "take care of every-thing for you", which sounds like a good deal. Then, after you authorize them to deal directywith your insurance company, they will install a roof using inferior grades of material & unskilled labor and, probably, offer a verbal warranty, if any.

Here is how they profit from your allowing them to control your claim. They will keep the difference between what the insurance company pays them (not you) and their cost to install your roof, cheating you of money that is rightfully yours.

Protect yourself by using a local roofer who has established a good reputation,like us: Route 11 Roofing Co.