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Even though we've had a few nice weather days, conditions are still not good for the shingles toadhere to the underlayment on the roof and seal, properly.

If the shingles don't seal, it's possiblethat the manufacturer's warranty may not be honored, if their inspector discovers that the roof was not installed in accordance with CertainTeed's specifications.

Meanwhile, if you need a roof, don't put it off any longer. Contact us for a free estimate and we will give you a written quote & statement of work, when we meet with you to do our pre-sentation.

We work on a first-come-first-serve basis, to be fair to our customers.

We do repairs year round.

R11's Truck
Most likely, you've seen this vehicle

Route 11 Roofing Co, LLC is a locally owned, licensed & insured, certified "Shingle Master Applicator" roofing contractor providing pro-fessional residential roofing systems throughout the entire Northern Shenandoah Valley.

With our home offfice, near Middletown, & our branch office, in Winchester, we are convenientlylocated to easily serve Frederick, Warren, Shen-andoah & Clarke Counties.

A beautiful red roof
A beautiful red roof & house match

Featuring our fascia & gutter work
An example of our fascia & gutter work

Another great roof job on a colonial
Another great roof installed on a colonial

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Be Aware of Storm Chasers

Storm chasers, most likely, have invaded your neighborhood, in the past. Please be alert for them, when they return. Don't become a victim and fall for their story.

They are those people who knock on your door, tell you that you need a roof and quote an abnormally low price. Also, they may not have a Virginia roofing contractors license and carry liability insurance. And, just as important, they won't be local roofing companies, which means that they won't be available to service your roof and honor whatever warranty they give you, if any.

To provide their so-caled 'bargain roofs', they will ask you to just turn over your home owners insurance claim to them and that they will "take care of everything for you". Then, after they make a deal with your insurance company, they will replace your roof using low quality material & workmanship and, probably, offer no warranty. And, to make matters worse, they will keep the difference between the what the insurance company pays them (not you) and their cost to install your roof, cheating you what is rightfully yours.

So, don't allow your self to become a victim. Protect yourself by contacting a local roofer that has established an honorable reputation, such as us: Route 11 Roofing Co.