New Roofs

A new roof is a roof that is installed on new construction, such as: new houses, town houses, sheds & outbuildings and commercial buildings.

Shingle Roofs

Roofing shingles are manufactured from various materials, such as: asphalt shingles, slate and wood shake shingles. Metal shingles are, also, available, as well as, artificial slate and shake shingles.

We install all types of shingles, but our specialty is an architectural or dimensional style shingle, comprised of a fiber glass base that is sandwiched between a waterproofing asphalt layer with fillers for stabilization. The weather-side of our shingles are covered with opaque granules. The granules protect the shingles from damage from the harmfull ultraviolet rays of the sun. Some of these granules have a ceramic color coating. All of the shingles that we use are have a layer of copper that renders them alge resistant.

If a customer insists on having 3-tab style shingles, we will comply. However, we always attempt to convert them to selecting the architectural style by showing them examples of the two styles and pointing out the broad range of a colors and shading that are available for the architectural shingles as compared to the the 3-tab shingles. And, explaining that the price difference to install either is about the same, due to the additional labor required to install 3-tab shingles.

All of our customers who selected architectural style shingles appreciated our expertise in guiding them with their selection.


A re-roof is a new roof that is installed after the existing roof is stripped down to the roof deck.

We can offer a 50-year, non-prorated, limited warranty against manufacturing defects in the shingles that we install and our 3-year workmanship warranty when we re-roof a house using Certainteed material. The manufacturer's warranty is transferrable for a 12 year period, effective after the 50-year warranty date.

(Note: When we deliver our quote and SOW, we will advise you whether or not your new roof can qualify for the 50-year warranty. And, if it does, upon completion of the installation, we will register your roof with the manufacturer. Afterwards, you will receive a copy of the warranty in the mail.)

Membrane Roofs

Membrane roofs are typically installed on low slope roof decks (2/12 pitch or less)and other roofs where shingles should not be installed.

There are several kinds of single-ply, membrane roofing materials in use; however, our preference for this locality is EPDM 'rubber'. Unless otherwise requested, we install 60 mil thick EPDM.

EPDM is a non-reinforced material. A polyester scrim reinforced material is available. EPDM is available in black and white colors.

When EPDM is installed on a properly prepared roof deck, it provides a trouble free roof for years, if care is taken to prevent the material from being penetrated by people walking on it or foreign objects from falling on it. Even so, it's relatively easy to effect repairs using tape, patches of EPDM and sealants.

An EPDM roof is cost effective, when compared with other single-ply roofing materials.


A roof that is installed over an existing roof is called a roof-over. They are less expensive than a re-roof. We do not advocate installing roof-overs. However, we will install them, if a customers insists or can not afford a proper roof.

A major disadvantage of a re-roof is that the integrity of the combination of the existing and re-roof can not be establised, rendering them unable to be covered by a warranty.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are very popular, because of their longevity and the relatively low maintenance they require. Metal roofing material is quite versatile and can be installed on steep or low sloped conventional or complex roofs.

Modern metal roofing material consists of custom cut, baked enamel coated aluminum or steel panel sections or strips with a smooth, textured finish or pre-formed to look like conventional shingles or clay tiles. They are available in many popular colors. Traditional, unfinished metal panels are still available, including copper.

Initially, due to their cost, metal roofs were installed on commercial or out-buildings. Until the recent increases in the price of asphalt based shingles, because of it's dependence on the price of oil, the price of a metal roof metal roof was twice as much as a shingle roof. Now, the price of a metal roof is only 67% more than an asphalt shingle roof. Starting in 2010, we experienced an increase in the quantity of metal roofs we installed on residences.

Contact us to arrange for a free quote to install an attractive metal roof on your residence or business. Remember, our re-roof quotes are free.