Residential Roofing

Thank you for this opportunity to present our mission, which is: to offer our customers with an attractive and durable roof at prices that they can afford.

Your roof is your home's primary protection against the elements. We know what the weather conditions can be in the Valley. And, we know the kind of roof systems that are needed to protect your home, year after year. When you request a free estimate to reroof your home, we will design a system that is specifically taylored to your roof and install it, not only in accordance with VA's Building Code, but our own procedures that we know are essential to ensuring that your new roof will provide the protection that you expect. That is why we are able to offer our customers a 50-year, non-prorated, transferrable (up to 12 years) materials warranty by the manufacturer and a 3-year workmanship warranty from us.

Here is what we do after you contact us for a quote: It begins with our initial visit to your home to conduct a site survey, where we obtain the dimensions of your roof and document unique items (cupolas, 'crickets', bay windows, etc.) and other items that are on your roof, such as: chimneys, pipe penetrations, skylights, etc.). We, also, make a sketch of your roof and take photographs of the house and roof for use during the design of your roof.

Next, we use a computer aided design (cad) program to create an accurate, plan view drawing of your roof. This drawing will contain all of the information that was collected during the site survey. It also will identify the locations of the various roofing components that will be installed, such as: ridge vents, ridge caps, ice-water guard, starter shingles, drip-edge, flashing, aprons, etc.).

We created a spreadsheet program specifically for developing a bill of materials (bom), all material and labor expenses and, eventually, the suggested price of the job.

Before we enter any data in the spreadsheet, we break-up the roof into sections (eg, main, gable, dormer, etc.). Then, we enter the dimensions associated with each section into individual tables. We do that to facilitate analysis and a review of our design. That, in turn, provides us with an opportunity to correct any errors that we may discover, before completing the design.

The spreadsheet program calculates all material that is required, including waste. It is structured to provide the minimum quantities per material item, which translates to your not paying for more material than is actually needed. Our experience using this program is good. We usually end a job with one to two bundles of extra shingles, which we leave with or re-imburses the customer for them.

After reviewing the completed spreadsheet, we will prepare and print a written quote, a statement of work (SOW), which lists the material and tasks that will be executed to install your new roof, and a reference sheet. We will, then, contact you to arrange for a date and time, that is at your convenience, to deliver our quote, SOW, etc. and show you shingle examples and other samples of the components that we will install on your roof.

As you probably have concluded by now, we invest a lot of time and effort to get your business. We do not visit your home, peek at your roof and give you a price on site, as many roofers in our area do. We work hard to provide you with a price based on a thorough and accurate process; a price that you know is fair and equitable for the roof you want. And, for your benifit, as well as ours, we do not quote prices over the 'phone, nor do we email/mail or fax them..

Oh yes, others will quote a lower price than ours; however, remember that we all purchase our shingles from the same distributors and draw from the same labor pool. If other roofers bid lower than us, find out why and how they can be. Before you sign a contract with them, make sure you receive a detailed statement of work in writing from them and ask to see their VA & County licenses & certificate of liability insurance coverage.

Commercial Roofing

We install and repair roofs on small commercial buildings, which are typically less than 50 square. These roofs are typically low slop or flat roof decks, requiring the use of a membrane roofing material. Generally, we install some type of roll- shingle on low slope roofs and EPDM 'rubber' on flat roofs.

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We also install standing seam metal roofing on commercial buildings.

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Of course, shingles are also used on commercial buildings. Usually, we install architectural style shingles on those roofs

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Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirement and request a free quote for your commercial building.

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