Residential Roofing

You may not realize the the roof on your houw is your home's primary protection against the elements. Because, we live here, we are very familiar with the area's weather conditions. We know the kind of roof systems that are needed to protect your home.

When you request a free estimate, we will design a system that is specifically taylored for your roof.

And, when we install it, we will do it in accordance with the prevailing building codes, the guidance of the material manufacturer and our own procedures that we know are necessary to ensure that your new roof will perform as you expect.

What Comprises A Shingle Roof

Roof Components Diagram
Basic Components on a Shingle Roof

One essential roof component is not shown in the above image: starter shingles.

Starter shingles are installed at the very edge of the eaves of a roof. Their purpose is to ensure that the first row of the regular shingles installed on the roof are able to seal the eave edge.

They are installed on top of the ice & water protection with nails, at a nail-line, close to the edge of the shingles. They have a 'sealant strip' on their top side that sticks to the underside of the shingles that are installed over them.

We install starter shingles on every shingle roof that we do.

Commercial Roofing

We install and repair roofs on small & medium sized commercial buildings with flat or low-slope roofs.

We, also, install membrane roofs.

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We install metal roofs, ranging from standing seam, 5-crimp and others.

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And, of course, we install shingle roofs on commercial buildings.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirement and request a free quote for your commercial building.