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Fraudulent Roofing 'Contractors' Warning

Recently, R11 discovered questionable 'contractors' running a scam in area neighborhoods.

Due by the current economic conditions, where 'extra' money is scarce, home owners, who are told that they need a new roof, are looking for a bargain. To provide these 'bargain roofs', a number of licensed/unlicensed unscroupulous individuals, including general contractors, representing themselves a legitimate & experienced roofing contractors have suddenly surfaced and began taking advantage of uninformed home owners. They are not local roofing contractors. And, some are 'handyman' firms posing as roofers. The following scenario describes how they work:

They approach the home owner, 'out of the blue'and advise them that they can see that their roof has been damaged and that the home owner's roof needs to be replaced. These activities, usually, occur after a hail storm or other damaging weather occurence. We legitimate roofers call them 'storm chasers'.

They will tell you that you don't have to do anything and that it won't cost you anything, provided that you agree to let them handle all transactions with the your home owner's insurance company and be paid directly by them. Then, these crooks will install a junk roof, using inferior components, and keep the difference between what your insurance company paid them and the actual cost of to replace your roof, making a huge profit and leaving you with a roof that is not covered by any kind of warranty and a roof that will not last very long before needing repairs or replacing.

If any of these 'roofers' or a 'general contractor' knocks on your door and trys to convince you to sign-up to what you think is similar to what I described above, insist on seeing the following creditials and record what you observered and were told:

NOTE: Route 11 Roofing Co., LLC recommends that you obtain the above information for any contractor that you intend to sign a contract with, including us.